Can My Divorce Case In Columbia SC Continue During COVID19?

As we all continue to do our best to balance day-to-day life while staying safe from COVID-19, we wanted to let you know that the South Carolina Family Courts are OPEN and running for the people of South Carolina.  To that end, Pozsik and Carpenter Family Law Attorneys located in Columbia, SC are hard at work for our clients! 

What Family Law Matters Can Be Handled During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

By order of The South Carolina Supreme Court the Family Court may grant an uncontested divorce without holding a hearing.  Additionally, the Family Court may approve ALL Settlement Agreements and Consent Orders without holding a hearing.  This is tremendously helpful for litigants that have come to an amicable settlement with their former spouse or romantic partner with whom they have a child. Furthermore, we believe the policy encourages parties to settle their cases thereby avoiding a delayed trial, or need for an often uncomfortable and emotional final hearing.

If you have questions about whether or not your case can proceed during this time, please reach out to our team.

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Loved working with Josh at Pozik & Carpenter! In the the past I’ve had a hard time getting in touch with the attorneys I’ve used but that wasn’t the case at all with Josh. He was very responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them, big thanks to Pozik & Carpenter! Chase L.