Power of Attorney

The power of attorney process allows you to designate an individual to act on your behalf, either indefinitely or when a specific event occurs (such as mental or physical incapacitation). Learn why it is important to establish a power of attorney and how our South Carolina estate planning lawyer can help.  

Who Needs a Power of Attorney? 

Since powers of attorney give someone else the authority to make decisions on your behalf, these powers must be granted carefully. Common circumstances where a power of attorney may be exercised include: 

  • Real estate deals 
  • Healthcare decisions
  • Care of a minor child or incapacitated adult 

A power of attorney may be limited or durable. Durable powers of attorney last once established, while limited powers of attorney have a time peg. For example, health care powers of attorney are triggered when you are not able to make your own health decisions (for instance, during surgery) and cease when you have recovered. Powers of attorney for a real estate deal let someone else sign documents on your behalf but conclude when the deal concludes.  

How a Columbia Attorney Can Help with Power of Attorney 

You should always work with an attorney to develop power of attorney documents.  That step is essential so that you understand exactly what rights and responsibilities you retain and what capabilities the individual named as power of attorney has (and does not have). A power of attorney can be revoked at any time, provided you are mentally competent. Our lawyers are here to help you terminate a power of attorney agreement should you wish to do so. 

At Pozsik & Carpenter, we can help you name a power of attorney and designate what responsibilities to give to that individual.  We offer a consultation, where you can discuss your circumstances and get options from a Columbia estate planning lawyer. To schedule your consultation, call 803-764-1105

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