Cases Involving DSS

There are few things more heartbreaking than having your child or children taken from you, especially if you feel you’ve been wrongly accused of child abuse or neglect. If your child or children have been removed from your custody, the best thing to do is contact a family law attorney experienced with The South Carolina Department of Social Services cases as soon as possible to represent you.

Here’s what you need to know about DSS cases: Usually within 72 hours of the child’s removal, there will be a hearing on that child’s behalf in family court. DSS will have representation, a guardian ad litem will be appointed by the court, and a DSS caseworker will be assigned to your case. It is imperative that you have proper representation as well.

Should the court decide to remove the child or children from your care for a set period of time, a family law attorney can help you navigate the process to ensure that your child or children are returned to your care and custody as soon as possible. Living arrangements for your child or children and a plan to regain child custody, or an appeal of the courts’ decision can be discussed.

If you need an Attorney to help you with a pending DSS case against you or a loved one, Pozsik & Carpenter Attorneys at Law is here to help. 

I've met with Josh Pozsik to talk over some issues and he is wonderful to work with. He really cares about his clients and listens. Again, he listens! People I've spoken with before listen and get busy thinking about what they want to say in regards to the first few sentences said instead of listening completely so they can give a correct answer. I had all of Mr. Pozsik's attention and I appreciated it. Shannon H.