Order of Protection

A violent partner can erode your sense of safety at home. Whether it’s an ex, a current partner, or a spouse who makes you fear for your safety, you can take steps to protect yourself. Let Pozsik & Carpenter assist you in filing a Protection Order.

Get Help from a Family Law Attorney

Abuse, harassment, and the threat of violence are scary, but you do not need to handle these situations alone. Our family law attorneys can walk you through South Carolina laws that protect you from your abuser so you understand your options. Our attorneys can then write up a Protection or Restraining Order, depending on your individual circumstances, and file them with the courts and police department. 

Filing the Protection Order alone won’t keep you safe. You should always develop a safety plan in case your abuser tries to find you. If your abuser makes contact, get to a safe place and call the police right away. 

If matters escalate, Pozsik & Carpenter will be there with you throughout every step of the process. We will use all the tools at our disposal to get you, and possibly your children, into a safe environment.

I've met with Josh Pozsik to talk over some issues and he is wonderful to work with. He really cares about his clients and listens. Again, he listens! People I've spoken with before listen and get busy thinking about what they want to say in regards to the first few sentences said instead of listening completely so they can give a correct answer. I had all of Mr. Pozsik's attention and I appreciated it. Shannon H.