If you are experiencing difficulty in your marriage, a break may be helpful in giving you the space you need to determine whether to give things another shot or file for divorce. Let Pozsik and Carpenter assist you with filing for a legal separation.

South Carolina actually refers to legal separation as an action for “separate maintenance and support,” and while there are a lot of similarities to the legal action of divorce, spouses actually remain married. Although you remain married, the following become legally defined:

  • Property Division — including real estate, cars, furnishings, savings accounts, retirement accounts, and other assets
  • If a couple has children together — child custody, child support, and visitation
  • Alimony — needs based on spousal support payment

We’re ready to begin the process of helping you achieve your goals in litigation and help you start the process of moving toward a happier tomorrow. 

Josh and Linda have extensive experience and knowledge of their practice and the law. They help explain things along the way and are very encouraging through the entire process. Jared C.