When one parent is awarded custody, the other parent will typically be awarded a set visitation schedule. A requirement for supervised visitation is uncommon and is generally ordered only when there are concerns about the visiting parent. The amount of visitation that the non-custodial parent is awarded can vary widely. The old standard visitation award was every other weekend (Friday to Sunday) alternating spring breaks and Thanksgiving, a week at Christmas, and two to four weeks during summer break. Now, the courts are generally moving toward providing more time for the non-custodial parent.

For many parents, the most upsetting thing in the world is not being able to see your child or children every day. The thought of your child or children spending the majority of their time with the other parent and not with you can be a painful and emotional experience. You may feel as though you have lost control and don’t know where to turn. Setting up a proper child visitation schedule and gaining visitation rights to see your child or children on a regular basis can help ease the pain. 

Don’t let fear of lack of visitation control how you live your life and spend time with your children – speak with an Attorney who knows how to handle and deal with visitation matters.

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