Mediation is a confidential, and voluntary process where a third party neutral, the “mediator”, hears a dispute between two or more individuals and helps guide the parties to come to a settlement on all of the legal issues pending between them.  The mediator remains neutral and does not decide who is right or wrong; instead, the mediator helps foster a discussion about issues that are important to both parties. The actual decisions and agreement that is reached is up to the parties themselves.

Benefits of Mediation

  • It is informal.
  • It is confidential.
  • It saves participants time and money.
  • It emphasizes problem-solving.
  • It emphasizes self-determination.
  • It allows participants to contribute more directly to the outcome.


Mediation in Family Court cases is required in most counties in South Carolina, including Richland and Lexington Counties.  While you cannot be forced to settle your case at mediation, you are required to participate in the mediation process in good faith with the resolution of your case as the goal.  Any settlement is voluntary and if mediation is unsuccessful the parties do not lose any of their due process rights to pursue additional hearings or trial. 


Attorneys Josh Pozsik and Linda Carpenter are certified Family Court mediators and have the knowledge and skill to settle cases. At Pozsik and Carpenter, we can provide a safe, confidential, and non-confrontational setting for attorneys and clients that wish to settle a divorce, separation, custody dispute or any other family court case.  If you are in need of qualified and knowledgeable mediators with a proven track record of resolving disputes, then give Pozsik and Carpenter a call today!


If you find yourself ordered to mediate your pending family court matter, then it is vital that you have an attorney present at mediation to represent your best interests.  The Attorneys at Pozsik and Carpenter, LLC know what is at stake and we will do everything in our power to ensure you achieve a favorable outcome at mediation. Give Pozsik and Carpenter a call today to see how we can help!  

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