While a will is the foundation of your estate plan, over half of adults aged 55 to 64 do not have a will. If you die without a will in place, the state will decide how your assets are distributed. Since South Carolina laws around wills and estates are complicated, get help with your will from a South Carolina law firm with experience in estate planning. 

Why You Need a Will in South Carolina 

No matter the size of your estate, you should have a will in place. If you don’t, then the state divides your assets among your surviving relatives. Any verbal promises you made to friends, family, or charities will not be honored if this happens. 

When you die without a will, you make things harder on your loved ones. In addition to the grief they feel at your passing, they have to face grief over the formulaic division of assets, often knowing that it’s not what you would have wanted if you had only taken the time. 

How a South Carolina Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You 

While “do it yourself” wills are popular, they are not comprehensive. Boilerplate wills may be outdated or overly broad. When you use a form that requires you to tick a box to divide your assets, the risks are high that you’ll make contradictory choices, setting the stage for a drawn-out court battle. Rather than use an online template for something so important, let our attorney develop paperwork that reflects your wishes, protects your family, and delivers valuable peace of mind that your assets are protected. 

At Pozsik & Carpenter, we can put together a will, revise a will, or work with you to develop a comprehensive estate planning package. To start the process of drafting a will, call 803-764-1105 today. 

I've met with Josh Pozsik to talk over some issues and he is wonderful to work with. He really cares about his clients and listens. Again, he listens! People I've spoken with before listen and get busy thinking about what they want to say in regards to the first few sentences said instead of listening completely so they can give a correct answer. I had all of Mr. Pozsik's attention and I appreciated it. Shannon H.